Victory Coaching Team


Eric Vickery is proud to present the Victory Coaching Team. With years of experience in dental practice, administration and teaching, each member brings invaluable insight to our consulting and coaching services. You can learn more about our team below or give us a call at (530) 356-4011. 


Jennifer has been in the dental field for nearly 20 years. She has seen the business from numerous angles as an assistant, business administrator, new patient coordinator and practice manager. Jenn’s passion for dentistry is why she remains on the front line, in practice, working the dental trade every day. Her experience and desire for excellence lead her to realize the potential that dental teams and dentists have to truly help change lives.

Jenn is an expert when it comes to strategic communication, case acceptance, and cross training. Her desire to help increase profitability and efficiency has helped multiple doctors and their teams reach record breaking goals after practicing 20 plus years. Jenn has the unique ability to build rapport, build value and help patients understand the importance of comprehensive dentistry. She has trained with Eric Vickery for nearly 15 years and customizes coaching in fee-for-service practices, neuromuscular dentistry, Myotronics and whole health care with emphasis on full-mouth reconstructions.

Jenn lives in Alaska, is a proud parent and recently celebrated 21 years of marriage to her high school sweetheart. Born and raised in Alaska, she loves all outdoors, especially fishing for salmon on the world-famous Kenai River!

Dr. Ted Morgan

Dr. Ted Morgan is a 1971 graduate of The University of Illinois College of Dentistry. He practiced dentistry in the small town of Gorham, Maine, until 2021 when his assistant of 46 years decided to retire and the pandemic was reaching new heights. He remains the manager and owner of his practice and mentor to two associate dentists, plus a team of 13, who provide the dental care to his patients. The practice has continued to thrive and grow in spite of his retirement from clinical patient care. He has completed the L.D. Pankey Institute continuum, the Kois Center continuum, Dental Boot Kamp and countless other CE programs. He was the chair for the Maine Dental Association Council on Continuing Education for 35 years. He is most proud of the team he has built and their outstanding loyalty and longevity, which is responsible for the continued success of the practice he started.

Ted and his entire team attended Walter Hailey’s Dental Boot Kamp many years ago and have continued to use the systems learned there as part of the practice culture. Boot Kamp is where he met and taught with both Eric Vickery and Paula Harriss while he worked as a facilitator, presenter and co-author of the Masters Experience and Hands-on Boot Kamp curriculum. He was a founding partner of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) and has incorporated sedation in his practice for many years. He has had articles published on practice management and case acceptance in “Dental Economics,” “Dental Practice Management” and other publications. Currently he is a partner of DenVantage and editor of its monthly newsletter, “Ray of Light”.

Outside dentistry, Ted’s interests include boating on Maine’s coast, kayaking, touring via RV, skiing, hiking, biking and, most particularly, doing any of the above with his family that consists of two daughters, one son and three grandchildren.

Ted’s experience, both in practice and in creating programs to train dentists, gives him a unique set of qualifications for coaching in the following areas:

  • Initial and periodic exam experiences
  • Getting to know your patients, or “emotional exams”
  • Verbal communication
  • Earning patient trust as a team
  • Patient communication and education
  • Tailored case presentation, with emphasis on larger cases

Lyn Dalsfoist, RDH, BS, MBA

Lyn had been a dental hygienist for forty years, graduating from the University of Alaska. She has worked in a variety of settings, from non-profits and public health to private dental practices. She received an MBA in health services administration from Alaska Pacific University. She is a member of the American Dental Hygiene Association, the Alaska Dental Hygiene Association and the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society.
In public health, she provided clinical hygiene and planned, implemented and evaluated dental disease prevention programs in rural Alaska. She was an adjunct clinical instructor for the University of Alaska Anchorage Dental Hygiene Program. For private dental practices, Lyn performed clinical procedures, including administration of local anesthetics and laser periodontal therapy. She also served as a lead hygienist, managing dental hygiene departments, implementing periodontal disease management protocols, and managing case acceptance and recall systems. She installed key performance indicators to monitor the hygiene department to meet the vision of the practice. She has guided the hygiene departments through mergers and acquisitions, creating a strong and unified hygiene department for a smooth and seamless transition that benefits the patients she serves.

Lyn considers dental hygiene an integral part of overall health and wellbeing and of the dental practice business. When Lyn is not in the clinic, she loves to read nonfiction books on business, science, mindfulness and spirituality, and history. She is a pescatarian and a novice knitter.

The hygiene department is the backbone of the dental practice. A strong hygiene department is necessary for a practice’s success. It is an asset that supports and propels the practice to the realization of its vision, helps achieve the purpose of the practice to restore function and aesthetics, and maintains dental health so that patients can live healthier and longer lives.

It is essential to operate the hygiene department effectively, efficiently and profitably to meet the dental practice objectives.

Ask Yourself and Your Team:
Do you know your percentage of periodontal patients seen in your practice?
Is everyone on your team on the same page when it comes to diagnosing periodontal disease?
Is your production per patient and per hour “healthy”?
Do you know how many patients it takes to fill one day per week of hygiene?
Do you know when it is appropriate to add hygiene days to your practice?
Do you have a clear understanding of how to compensate your hygienists?

For the Practice:

  • Benchmarks and monitoring to meet objectives in the hygiene department
  • Effective recall system and patient retention
  • Perfect day hygiene scheduling
  • Billing to optimize payment for hygiene procedures
  • Utilization of open hygiene times for production
  • Reducing hygiene cancellations
  • Expanding the dental hygiene department capacity
  • Implementing an assisted hygiene scheduling when applicable

For the Hygiene Team:

  • New patient experience
  • Building a happy and productive hygiene team
  • Motivating the hygiene team to consistently perform at the highest standard
  • Periodontal treatment plan presentation and case acceptance
  • Creating consistent periodontal therapy treatment planning
  • Integrating and sequencing hygiene treatment planning protocol
  • Efficient time management
  • Maximum utilization of hygienists’ expanded function and addition of adjunctive procedures such as sealants, restorative function and use of lasers in hygiene (in accordance with state statutes).

Lyn and her husband are proud parents of two amazing kids. They make their home in Las Vegas, Nevada, and they enjoy traveling the world and spending time with family and friends.

Gregory B. Raymond, DDS, FAGD

Dr. Gregory Raymond graduated from the Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1977 and established his solo practice in 1978. He completed hundreds of hours of continuing education courses, including courses from the Dawson Academy, the Pankey Institute, the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum-LIVE and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). In addition, he proudly earned his Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry.
Dr. Raymond believes that a strong team was vital to a successful practice. He and his team attended numerous seminars on leadership, team building and communication skills. Dr. Raymond excelled at cosmetic and full-mouth reconstruction, and he often used conscious sedation at the request of his patients. He was successful with completing large cases without reliance on dental insurance, and the practice rose to the top 5% of dental offices in the United States. In addition, he was a speaker for Dental Boot Kamp and The Coaching Center. He also enjoyed coaching dentists on their goals and vision. Because of Dr. Raymond’s highly regarded reputation, he was invited to speak at the Greater New York Dental Meeting on “How to Become Famous in Your Hometown” and “The Seven Secrets for Increasing Case Acceptance.”

Dr. Raymond was involved in numerous charity events and was chosen as Man of the Year by the Franklin Chamber of Commerce. He also authored articles for The Indianapolis Monthly, Indianapolis Woman, and South Magazine and was featured on the local Fox 59 television station for one of his extreme makeovers. His work and dedication to the Women in Need Foundation (W.I.N.) led to his smile makeover of the Netherlands Mrs. Globe, Linda Grandia (Indianapolis Monthly article “Above and Beyond”). The national television show, Inside Edition, took note of his charitable makeovers and filmed one of his extreme makeovers in Dr. Raymond’s hometown.

Dr. Raymond and his wife, Karen, met at the IU Medical Center in 1977, married in 1978, and raised three amazing sons in their hometown of Franklin, Indiana. After nearly 40 years in practice, they now love to spend time with their four grandchildren and enjoy Florida, tennis, golf, outdoor activities, learning, music and laughing! Also, many people are surprised to learn that Dr. Raymond was a rock and roll drummer, and he and Karen played in a 10-piece band! He still loves to play the drums in his spare time. Having retired after nearly 40 years of practicing, he and Karen continue to coach children and adults on team building and leadership.

Dr. Raymond coaches doctors and teams in effective communication, including emotional exams, presenting treatment plans, addressing patients’ concerns and enrolling patients without reliance on dental insurance.
His passion for building trust with patients inspires and helps dentists achieve higher case acceptance in their practices.
Dr. Raymond is exceptional at evaluating office trackers and recommending new procedures needed by the practice to meet its goals.
Dr Raymond will help dentists with complex treatment planning review and how best to present cases to their patients.
His vast experience with marketing a dental practice is second to none, and he shares this knowledge so that other dentists can benefit from his successes and failures!

Karen S. Raymond, HIMA

Karen Raymond graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in health information management administration in 1977. She began her career at the Indiana University School of Dentistry as Director of New Patient Admissions, where she also developed and implemented a new dental charting system.
In 1981, Karen began her position as patient relations administrator in her husband’s dental office. She and Dr. Raymond quickly realized the importance of empowering their team and attended numerous seminars and workshops on team building, trust and leadership. Karen became a passionate presenter for the Dental Boot Kamp Masters Program and inspired doctors and team members to set their office and personal goals and vision.

Karen particularly enjoyed teaching enhanced communication skills between the dental team and patients, including transitioning a new patient from the initial phone call and subsequent appointment to accepting their treatment plan. She is excellent at coaching teams on becoming insurance independent by handling patient objections and offering various financial arrangements.

Karen has a passion for helping people, focusing on abused women and childhood disease, and devoted much of her time to these causes. She organized a team of 10 doctors and other professionals to complete a total makeover for a deserving person, and the Extreme Makeover was filmed by the national television program Inside Edition, at which Karen was Master of Ceremonies. She was subsequently awarded the Public Relations Award by the Crown Council. She and Dr. Raymond were also asked to speak at the New York Greater Dental Meeting on “How to Become Famous in Your Hometown” and “The Seven Secrets for Higher Case Acceptance.”

Karen and Dr. Raymond married in 1978 and raised three wonderful sons in their hometown of Franklin, Indiana. Having retired after nearly 40 years in practice, she and Dr. Raymond love spending time with their family, which includes four grandchildren. They also enjoy Florida, outdoor activities, reading, laughing and music! Many people don’t know that she and Dr. Raymond played in a classical rock and roll band for 10 years! She also continues to coach adults and children in their community on team building and leadership skills.

Karen’s experience and expertise in many areas allow her to coach the team and doctor on:

Effective communication skills with the team and doctor, along with addressing patients’ concerns and questions regarding their treatment plan. This results in increased scheduling, including full-mouth cases, without reliance on insurance.
Planning and implementing a wide range of marketing ideas with the team and doctor. The offices learn that many ideas do not need a large budget!
Enhancing the patients’ emotional exams by relating to all types of personalities, along with increasing team morale as they learn to better communicate with each other.
Teams feel comfortable talking to Karen as she finds constructive techniques and skills to help them achieve the goals and vision of the practice and themselves.

Ioannis (Pronounced Yani) Gratsinopoulos

Ioannis leads Vickery Dental’s Leadership Coaching Division. He is an award-winning, Fortune 200 trainer and business coach, and he has over 10,000 hours of consulting, training and coaching within both the non-profit and business worlds. His main focus is facilitating successful organizational and leadership transformations.
loannis has also led and co-led multiple non-profits and businesses. His leadership roles have spanned from start-ups and churches to Fortune-200-based organizations. His titles have included President, Owner, Senior Pastor, Director of Operations, State Training Coordinator, Performance Coach and many more. He is an ordained pastor and holds a degree in church leadership, with a minor in psychology.

loannis has spent time traveling the country as a preacher and keynote speaker for many years. He is married with a child and lives in the Boise, Idaho, metropolitan area. He spends most of his free time with his family and loves to be outdoors as much as he can.

Vickery Dental Leadership Coaching helps you achieve things like:

Transforming your employees into dedicated members of your team
Controlling resources and managing time so that you are proactively driving your practice to success, as opposed to feeling like your practice is controlling you or even driving you into the ground
Defining and clearly articulating your vision, so that you can build a healthy strategic plan
Building your strategic plan to accomplish each and every goal — including sustained growth of your practice
Smoothly implementing your strategic plan in a way that doesn’t cause more stress and strain

Your patients come to you because you are the expert concerning their mouth, so come to Vickery Dental Leadership Coaching, because we are experts on transformational dental leadership!

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